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Subjective experience will utilise the five senses (give or take one or two) of seeing , hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling.
In NLP a language has been developed to explain more fully and in more detail how these senses can be explored systematically.

Submodalities define these senses in the following ways.

Internal visual imagery is created which can be analysed, and utilised to adjust emotions connected with those images through the identification of the location of the images, their size, distance, colour saturation, contrast, frame border, type of dimension, movement and clarity.

Feelings (kinesthetic representations) can also be defined through their location, size, volume, intensity, surface composition,density, movement, temperature, motion, colour, sensations,

Auditory sounds also can be defined through their volume, pitch, location, clarity, timbre, tempo, resonance,

Adjusting these submodalities allows us to change the emotion connected to the experience. for example moving the image away from us normally reduces its emotional impact. bringing an image towards us increases its emotional power. Adjusting its brightness and clarity can also adjust our feelings attached to it..

A number of NLP techniques utilise these
submodalities such as the swish pattern and compulsive blow out technique




Submodalities Questionnaire

Visual submodalities
location of the images -distance, coordinates
colour saturation - colour or black and white
contrast - how bright
frame border - are the edges soft or hard
or non existent, panoramic
type of dimension - 2D or 3D
clarity - is it detailed, in focus or blurred
connection - associated or disassociated
movement - is it still or moving

Language utilsation
picture this
you dont get the big picture
your perceptions are skewed
in your face
it (the image) is overwhelming me

Kinesthetic Submodalities
location, where in/outside your body
size, mass - how big is it?
surface composition,texture, shiney, matt,
movement, motion,spinning in which direction


Language utilsation
it turned my stomach
he wound me up
i'm winding down for the weekend
he had a lump in his throat
head over heels in love
broken hearted

Auditory submodalities
volume - quiet or loud
pitch - how high
location, - from which direction, internal/external, stereo or mono
clarity - muted, distorted or clear
distance, movement
tonal/digital - tones vs internal dialogue
dialogue - how many voices/whose voices?

Language utilsation
that sounds interesting
I hear what you are saying
lets just say that