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NLP and Addictive personalities

Smokers, dieters, alcohol bingers are likely to be people with addictive personalities.

How would your world change if you became addicted to healthy living, exercise, a positive attitude and success in your lives? What would it be like if you became addicted to the process of developing yourself, physically and mentally driving yourself forward to happiness and success for the rest of your life.

Imagine, you would tell people that you are trying desperately to give this happiness and 'success thing' up. You have tried on a number of occassions, but your will power is not strong enough to break this new found habit of being happy and successful in your life.

NLP has a range of resources and techniques to develop your mental attitude, transferring that addiction to something more positive in your life.





Techniques include:
NLP Blowout therapy
Swish technique
Trance work
timeline change