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Milton H Erickson was one of the world's leading medical hypnosis practitioners. He was an authority on trance inductions and hypnotic techniques.

He was a psychologist, psychotherapist and family councillor. He was the founding president of the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis .He was also a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association and the American Psychopathological Association. He was also an honorary member of a number of medical hypnosis societies in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

He ran a private practice in Pheonix Arizona and lectured extensively across the USA and abroad.

Erickson's interest in hypnosis came about while he was an undergraduate student studying psychology at the University of Wisconsin. His first experience of a demonstration of hypnosis carried out by Clark L. Hull. Erickson used the techniques he had learned at this demonstration to carry out hypnosis experimentally on a large number of people.

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Hypnosis is still misunderstood in western culture. It is most damaged by stage hypnotism where ideas of mind control and ridicule are still common.

Medical hypnosis can offer pain control and management of unconscious processes. It is commonly used to assist in dealing with addictive behavior such as smoking.

You can access certain personal resources only through the use of trance states.

Trance states are very powerful agents of change. These change states can be achieved even when people are not put into formal hypnotic trance.

Powerful learning patterns can be installed in people to motive and empower their lives. Unconscious resources and learnings can be reaccessed through interaction with peoples' own subconscious states.


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