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About Blane Savage

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About Blane Savage


Blane Savage, BA Hons,
Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, NLP Training Specialist &
Ericksonian Hypnotherapist
trained by Richard Bandler Co-founder of NLP
Paul McKenna, John LeVale
& Peter McNab of Excellence for All

I currently research within the field of personal development utilising NLP, trance states, symbolic metaphors and have an interest in Provocative Therapy.

These transformational strategies are utilised to help people leave behind unwanted experiences in their lives which have had unfortunate side effects and take positive steps to set goals and develop motivational strategies to achieve them.

I am a university lecturer in the School of Media, Language and Music at Paisley University's Campus in Ayr leading a Digital Art undergraduate programme and am currently researching within the fields of NLP and associated personal development areas currently with a focus on education and human strategies of creativity.

In my current practice I am utilising all of the sites' techniques to achieve lasting change in my clients who are taught skills which allow them to manage their emotional states more effectively and develop mental processes which will help disconnect them from unhelpful past experiences.This allows them to be more clearly focussed on the future and leave the past where it belongs - in the past.

The techniques also assist in helping develop clear goals and the necessary resources to achieve them. This is set within a clean ecological framework that gives an optimal set of results and outcomes for the client.

There may also be times where they need to develop more fully an understanding of their unconscious processes which can be utilised to assist in deep and powerful change work within a personally owned and importantly an ecologically framed outcome.

It is usual practice to use these techniques to 'fix' people and deal with their problems but these same techniques can be used in the pursuit of excellence - helping people develop outstanding behaviors whether they be in pursuit of creativity or sporting excellence.




Richard Bandler's most recent book

 Conversations: Freedom Is Everything and Love Is All the Rest




These techniques can help with:

stress management

sports psychology

phobias around fear of heights, needles, animals, spiders, flying, exams, surgical interventions, being lost, dentists, death, stage fright, public speaking fear of failure...all of these can affect the quality of clients' lives.

grief counselling

smoking drinking and other addictions


pain management

See, hear, feel clearly once the clutter has been removed

Have you ever had a dream that you could achieve great things in your life
but self doubt creaps in...'what ifs' fill your mind...chatter in your head overwhelms you...memories of failings and their attached feelings surround you........ insecurities cloud your vision.

What would happen if these fears and doubts were removed? What freedom would this bring to you? What future life could you possess? Where would a new found sense of focus and determination take you?

People have amazing abilities to learn powerfully and instantly. Through these human learning and protective mechanisms many people acquire phobic responses to their environment.

Their fear of heights, needles, animals, spiders, flying, exams, surgical interventions, of being lost, dentists, death, stage fright, failure.....can affect how they lead their lives.

The fast phobia cure, is one technique developed through NLP which can remove, usually in one session, virtually all phobic responses.... never to return!!

Do you wish to learn how to remove phobias and deal with phobic responses? Learn how to deal with addictions such as smoking or alchohol dependancies. Begin to develop skills which can control your emotional states. Understand how to communicate more effectively with your unconscious mind.



Blane Savage