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a recognition, realization, or coming into awareness of something'

Welcome to the awakening website.Its function is to act as a resource for those interested in the field of personal development utilising NLP, trance states, symbolic metaphors and provocative therapy.

All areas of this site are directly interconnected with the exception of TFT & EFT. The artfully vague work of a clinical hypnotherapist Milton Erickson was modelled by Bandler and Grinder and the resulting theraputic techniques became central to the field of NLP.

Decades later David Grove was modelled by James Lawley & Penny Thompkins, who utilised the work of the two NLP co-founders, to develop 'symbolic modelling' utilising David Groves 'clean language' patterns. Groves develops client's metaphoric landscapes as part of their process of transformation.

Richard Bandler drew on the work of Frank Farrelly, creator of Provocative Therapy, and utilised some of Franks core beliefs whilst developing the structure of NLP.

I will also included material on Thought Field Therapy developed by Dr. Roger Callahan & Emotional Freedom Technique created by one of Callahan's students Gary Craig as they appear to be a very different but powerful transformational tools which complement the other strategies allowing greater flexibility in change work..







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